Tourism and Hospitality


The U.A.E. has become a regional and global leader in the tourism and hospitality sector in recent years. For example, both sectors combined grew by double digits in 2010 and were major contributors to the country’s overall economic growth. Luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are currently leading the hospitality sector in the region by creating hotel-based tourist attractions. The UAE offers two of the world’s only seven star ranked hotels: the Emirates Palace and the Burj Al Arab. The Burj Khalifa currently stands as the world’s tallest building and features a hotel designed by the Armani brand. For the more adventurous types, Abu Dhabi’s Tourism and Investment Company (TDIC) has developed many different activities based around the U.A.E.’s natural resources. Traveler’s can enjoy the rugged beauty of the U.A.E. sand dunes or a secluded desert majlis.


Opportunities for U.S. companies include: world-class sector-specific conventions, investment opportunities in a dynamic growth market, and a business friendly environment. The U.A.E. has deep cultural attitudes rooted in hospitality towards travelers and friends. This understanding allows local Emirati businesses a depth of understanding in a sector already saturated with established leaders. It is no wonder then, in less than 40 years, the U.A.E. has taken its place among these leaders while welcoming partnership and collaboration. U.A.E. hospitality and tourism businesses are always looking for innovation in their field and, in true Emirati fashion, look to U.S. business involvement for partnering opportunities.




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